Monday, November 27, 2017

What to do on a Sabbath Day

I've been blogging about an epidemic in our society: being crazy busy. God’s solution to help us with this is the Sabbath. So what are we supposed to do - or not do - on the Sabbath?

For starters, Christians are not required to practice the Sabbath. The New Testament is clear that Jesus died to pay for our sin, as well as free us from the Old Testament law. We follow the PRINCIPLES of the Old Testament laws, but are not required to obey them exactly as the Hebrews did.

Here's two principles for us to take away from the Sabbath command: restricted activities, and unrestricted activities.

Restrictions during our Sabbath time: WORK

  1. Going into the office.
  2. Checking work emails.
  3. Calling clients.
  4. Grading papers.
  5. Writing proposals.
  6. Work-related tasks. I’m not saying that you are sinning if you do these things on your day off; I’m just saying that you probably don’t need to. Why not just take a day off every week? The world will not collapse if you rest!

Unrestricted activities during our Sabbath:

  1. Play. You can golf, or throw a football, or wrestle with the kids all you want.
  2. Leisure. You can read, or swing in the hammock, or watch football all you want.
  3. Nap. You can sleep the afternoon away! Unless you have young kids - they never let you nap…
  4. Hobbies. You can workout, or write, or ride a bike all you want.
  5. Worship. God created the Sabbath as a day set apart from the week with two purposes: rest and worship. Take time to be with God’s people and in God’s presence.

If you think of the Sabbath as another obligation for Christians, you've missed the point. Man wasn't created for the Sabbath - God created the Sabbath for man. Enjoy your weekly time off!

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