Booklets by Nik

Talk and Turn:

Evangelism doesn't have to be Weird

You may be dissatisfied with your effectiveness in evangelism. Perhaps you hit a wall of fear or don't know how to go about it without being weird. This short booklet will give you an easy piece of advice in sharing your faith with others - Talk and Turn.

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Heroic Manhood 

In this booklet, I write about the need for manly, godly, fearless, purposed, active, influential, culture-changing men in our society. Herioc manhood. I hope you'll read along and if you are a man that you will commit to being a better man who serves others with a passion and leads with conviction. If you are a woman, I hope you'll walk away with great fervor to step up and support the manly men around you, taking to hear that women, too, need to be influential and purposed.

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Matters of Opinion: 

Not Everything is Black and White

Have you ever caught yourself saying one of these sentences: "How can they watch that TV show and still call themselves Christians?" "I can't believe a Christians would dress like that at the beach!" "Nobody who calls themselves a Christian could vote for that person."

We all know it's unhealthy, but we all do it - we compare ourselves with others. Christians especially do this. God never said He was running any kind of "Spirituality Contest", but we make judgments as though He were. In my latest e-booklet I take a hard look at Romans 14. While reading, I hope you discover that most personal standards in this life are not black and white. They are simply Matters of Opinion.

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How to Suffer Well

We all encounter suffering. This booklet is a study of suffering in 1 Peter. You'll discover three reasons God allows suffering in our lives, and learn how to suffer like Jesus.

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