Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Nik is a bookworm and loves personal development. The moment he completed his Th.M. degree at Dallas Seminary, he knew another academic program was in his future. After years of research, the best school became clear: Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Nik began working on his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2020. 

GCTS was chosen for two primary reasons: First, the school is known for its denominational diversity yet strong commitment to orthodox Christian beliefs. Strong teachers have graduated from or taught at Gordon Conwell - Tim and Kathy Keller, James Emery White, Haddon Robinson, Mark Dever, and Gordon Fee to name a few. Second, the D.Min program functions in a cohort model. This allows students bond during intensive weeks and complete the program together.

Nik majored in Pastoral Theology. The program is built upon three areas of learning: self-leadership and calling of the pastor, the pastor as caregiver, and the pastor as preacher. The degree has proven highly practical. Nik's thesis project addressed the issue of declining young adult attendance in churches. He researched outreach methods for unchurched young adults and tested a model for doing evangelism in today's post-Christian culture.

Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary has been equipping ministry leaders for almost 100 years. The school is devoted to training leaders to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. DTS is located near downtown Dallas, Texas.

Nik decided to attend DTS to receive deeper theological training. The Master of Theology degree (Th.M.) is a rigorous, 120-credit program specializing in theology and languages. He has grown in his knowledge of historical theology, systematic theology, New Testament backgrounds, and bible language skills. He has also participated in several church ministry courses including Legal and Financial Issues in the Church, Education Process of the Church, Dynamics of a Christian Family, The Christian Home and Conflict Resolution, and Dynamics of a Christian Marriage, and Spiritual Formation. These classes have revolutionized his view of God, Scripture, the church, and the Christian life.

Time as DTS was an adventure. Nik and Anna grew and learned valuable life lessons during those five years. They will forever remember God's provision, godly mentors, good friends, and their church family during their time in Dallas

West Coast Baptist College

West Coast Baptist College is committed to local church ministry and making disciples. The school's slogan is "Training Laborers for His Harvest." For the last three decades they have trained young men and women to serve churches and reach the lost. WCBC is located in Lancaster, California.

During his time at WCBC, Nik was able to participate in several ministry opportunities and internships. He received multiple opportunities to preach, lead, serve, and oversee programs and events in various churches. But the greatest thing that happened to him, by far, was engagement to the love of his life, Anna. They both wed one week after graduation and moved to Indiana to begin ministry together at Christian Life Baptist Church.