ISO: Leaders

I hear this sentence a lot from church staff: “We need more people for ____”. Usually they get the positions filled and time rolls on. But there is one type of person I am constantly looking for. A job that can never have enough volunteers. A position that is never completely filled.


I am constantly in search of leaders. Leaders for every program. Every ministry. Every event. I have been at a place where I had plenty of volunteers, even too many at times. But I have never felt as though I had too many leaders.

Oftentimes, when I get someone plugged into a children’s ministry for the first time I’ll say something like this: “If you are great with kids, that’s good. If you can become a leader, and can grow to the point of leading others who lead kids, that’s better.” The same goes for any opportunity of church work. “If you can do this task, or teach this lesson, or fix this problem, or manage this program, that’s good. But if you can grow to the point where you recruit, train, oversee, and coach others who can do this, that’s better.”

If you want to go beyond just attending church, or volunteering at church, and you want to become a leader in your church - just keep reading. Here’s where I want to go with this:
  1. How I find leaders. I’ll discuss what I look for in up-and-coming church leaders.
  2. The pastor’s job. I’ll discuss what my role as a pastor is in all this.
  3. The spiritual gift of sitting. I’ll discuss what happens when a Christian does not serve his church or community.
  4. Want to be a leader? I’ll discuss how you can take the next step at my church. If you are a reader from another church family, I’ll give you some tips on getting involved in your own church and city.

Somebody reading this is thinking “I would love to be a leader in my church. I want to go beyond just chipping in here or there. I want to be a key player in helping my church make disciples!” Is that you? I want you  on the team.

It doesn’t matter what your strengths and weaknesses are. It doesn’t matter what experience or education you have. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what gender you are, or what background you have. If you want to make an impact on this earth, making disciples for Jesus, and you’re willing to grow and mature into a leadership position at my church, then contact me. We need to talk.